The EQUIPROCAM - allows you to relive all those moments again

Can you relive that amazing hack you've been on with friends? Can you watch your holiday fun over and over again? Can you relive that amazing experience you had whilst snorkelling! Or, can you show the authorities just what happened while you were riding out on the road?

Well with the EQUIPROCAM - you CAN do all of the above and more


The EQUIPROCAM is one of the most exciting products Equisafety has worked on, and the first of its kind to be specifically designed for the equestrian.

Features include: GPS - for exact evidence of your ride – there and back; 4k Video and 20 MP for excellent quality photos in Single, Slow Motion and Time Lapse modes and video; Waterproof to 30M when in supplied waterproof case; 160 minutes of battery; GYRO – Advanced video stabilization; 158g in weight and 2.5” in height; Voice control; 170-degree wide angle lens; Helmet strap included. Body harness available. RRP:  £149.99 (2-month payment plan available)

Did You Know that if you have to use your camera video for evidence in a court of law, it must show the video from the start of the hack to the end? Just displaying the accident will not be good enough for a many reasons. Therefore the battery times shown in our research would not be acceptable as the rider would have to change the battery. Not only would that be dangerous, but also means the full hack could not be shown.


Ellen Shaw, Barrister at Lincoln House Chambers explains: "Video camera footage can be crucial both for an effective investigation into any incident and as evidence at trial, whether that be in a criminal or civil case. The video is most helpful if your entire ride is recorded - providing only partial footage means it could be suggested that the footage of the incident has been edited or partially deleted.”